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6 years later….

April 10, 2018 Comments off

It’s heartening to know that I didn’t write anything exceptionally stupid 6 years ago but neither did I make any grand predictions wither.

I guess the last entry regarding the Nexus Q was both true and not true.  The Q was an abject failure but we own a Google Home Mini and an Echo Dot (both amusingly from White Elephant gift exchanges this last Christmas).

I’d like to get a HomePod but it’s a bit pricey…kind of like the Nexus Q.

At $349 I’m more inclined to replace our ancient iPads with a new one for $329 and buying a half decent bluetooth speaker set…no Siri support unless you’re close enough for the iPad to hear you.  Maybe that’s not so terrible…

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With Nexus Q, Google Wants to Make Entertainment More Social –

June 27, 2012 Comments off

With Nexus Q, Google Wants to Make Entertainment More Social –

It’s a really weird product that appears to try to capture the vibe of a high end Apple product…to bad that product is the iPod Hi-Fi which also never answered the question of “who the heck is going to buy this thing at this price?”

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iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple opinion and news | The Loop

April 9, 2012 Comments off

Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

Woof…NeXT cost Apple $429M in 1996 ($622.5M in today dollars).

That’s a huge amount…something like $37 per instagram user.

via iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple opinion and news | The Loop.



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If Darth Vader Were The Father He Could’ve Been To Luke… –

April 6, 2012 Comments off
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Google has finally “unveiled” Project Glass

April 5, 2012 Comments off

I agree with most of Stracci’s points as well as Gruber’s point about how much info Google could mine from this “helpful” technology.

I have one more observation.  Folks spend thousands of dollars for Lasik or hundreds of dollars a year for contacts to avoid wearing glasses.  The probability that folks want to pay hundreds of dollars to wear geek headgear strikes me as very low.

Mostly though I was thinking of Aliens, their helmet cams and the Lt.  Which the Google team kinda reminds me of.  So guys…how many combat drops?

Google has finally “unveiled” Project Glass. I say… – Not Stolen. Permanently Borrowed..

Putting You Back In the Moment – Daring Fireball

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Search, plus Your World · SPY W?

March 27, 2012 Comments off


Search, plus Your World · Inside Google Search

Search, plus Your World · Inside Google Search.

Is it just me or is SPYW an unfortunate acronym for Google latest effort?


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Daylight Saving Time Explained | Grey’s Blog

March 12, 2012 Comments off

So driving across this hundred-mile stretch would technically necessitate seven clock changes which is insane.

via Daylight Saving Time Explained | Grey’s Blog.

Funny and worth the few minutes to watch.

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