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World War Hack

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World War Hack 

I saw a link to this Graphic Novel on DF or The Loop (can’t remember) and took a look.  The 1st Chapter preview was interesting and the price okay.  I guess…haven’t bought a graphic novel since Dark Knight Returns…but it was for a physical copy.

That I wouldn’t be able to read until May.


I passed on the pre-order.  If I buy a graphic novel, even one of the same caliber of Dark Knight, these days it better also be readable on my iPad and Kindle.

So if I remembered WWH in May AND there was a digital copy MAYBE I’d buy it in May.  Odds of that were really low.

That was probably not the answer Viper Comics was looking for.

Yesterday Viper sent out an email that said that pre-orders would get a digital copy that could be downloaded right away.

So I bought it.  Right Away.

Instant gratification and I get a physical copy in May.  Bonus.  That’s the way it should be done.  If you’re a small publisher or even a big one, it’s an eBook model with a lot of merit.

It’s a good story and worth a look at the preview.  Not anywhere close to Frank Miller good but good enough to get me out of graphic novel retirement.  So sometime in May it’s going to sit on the shelf next to Dark Knight Returns.

I think Ethan Bull and Tsubasa Yozora can live with that company. 🙂

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iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple opinion and news | The Loop

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Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

Woof…NeXT cost Apple $429M in 1996 ($622.5M in today dollars).

That’s a huge amount…something like $37 per instagram user.

via iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple opinion and news | The Loop.



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If Darth Vader Were The Father He Could’ve Been To Luke… –

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Google has finally “unveiled” Project Glass

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I agree with most of Stracci’s points as well as Gruber’s point about how much info Google could mine from this “helpful” technology.

I have one more observation.  Folks spend thousands of dollars for Lasik or hundreds of dollars a year for contacts to avoid wearing glasses.  The probability that folks want to pay hundreds of dollars to wear geek headgear strikes me as very low.

Mostly though I was thinking of Aliens, their helmet cams and the Lt.  Which the Google team kinda reminds me of.  So guys…how many combat drops?

Google has finally “unveiled” Project Glass. I say… – Not Stolen. Permanently Borrowed..

Putting You Back In the Moment – Daring Fireball

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