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Dad shoots daughter’s laptop after reading her Facebook rant

February 10, 2012

Tommy is a little pissed. Tommy is armed. Laptop is toast. Video on YouTube.

I gotta admit that the tactic of taking away a favorite toy can work.  Unless, of course, they have too many toys.  Which mine do.

Thus far our strategy is the expensive electronic stuff is owned by mom and dad and lent on occasion to our kids.  If they want a iPod Touch or DS or laptop they can go buy one themselves subject to parental approval.

Even then I’m thinking no electronic devices allowed in the bedrooms.

I’m also not looking forward to needing to lock down the internet and computers or playing cat and mouse like Tommy on Social Media sites.

with a father that works in IT that you’d have better sense than doing it again

There’s been quite a few times where my kids are surprised that I know when they are being bad or lying about something.  And I answer that I’m older, sneakier, been there, done all that and do they really think I’m stupid?

So far I’m able to decisively outsmart a seven year old.  I’m hoping that the rope around a baby elephant’s leg trick works on kids…’cause I’m not so sure I can keep that up when they are 14.

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