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MS Office on the iPad

February 21, 2012 Comments off

Suite anticipation – WWW.THEDAILY.COM.

File this under “What on earth is Microsoft thinking?”

I like it and it will spur even faster iPad adoption in the enterprise but it really doesn’t do a whole lot for Microsoft’s own tablet efforts.  Maybe that doesn’t matter as much as continued Office dominance.

The move also makes the iPad even more of an education powerhouse.  While I love Keynote, nobody but other iOS and OSX users could get any of my presentations except as PDFs.

Powerpoint isn’t as good but is everywhere.  With a clean template it’s good enough to make great presentations.

That’s another checkbox checked for an edu tablet.  Coupled with AirPlay and a aTV device attached to a projector and student presentations become even more of a snap on iOS.

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Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than all the Macs sold it in 28 years | asymco

February 17, 2012 Comments off

Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than all the Macs sold it in 28 years | asymco.

Folks are looking at this chart oohing and ahhing about the vertical slope of the iOS ecosystem.  I’m looking at this chart thinking “Damn, I was in college when the Mac first came out…that was 28 years ago?”

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Transcript: Apple CEO Tim Cook at Goldman Sachs

February 16, 2012 Comments off

I think these two are both profound; they’re not things where we run separate P&Ls on, because we don’t do that–we don’t believe in that. We manage the company at the top and just have one P&L and don’t worry about the iCloud team making money and the Siri team making money.

via Transcript: Apple CEO Tim Cook at Goldman Sachs – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech.

You know, if Sony did this they’d be a lot better off…but that’s nothing profound.  Still, I wonder how many other companies are run with essentially one or two top level P&L centers…

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Apple’s Toughest Competition in the Fourth-Quarter Tablet Market Was…Apple

February 16, 2012 Comments off

Apple’s Toughest Competition in the Fourth-Quarter Tablet Market Was…Apple 

Looks like the iPad 2 and the Fire both did very well this Christmas.  No surprise there.  40M iPads in 2011 is fantastic growth for Apple.

I passed on both waiting for the iPad 3.  I passed on the aTV 2 waiting for…whatever it is they have waiting in the wings.  The waiting is starting to get to me.


I hope the rumored March iPad event happens.


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Daring Fireball – Mountain Lion

February 16, 2012 Comments off

The recurring theme: Apple is fighting against cruft — inconsistencies and oddities that have accumulated over the years, which made sense at one point but no longer — like managing to-dos in iCal because CalDAV was being used to sync them to a server or notes in Mail because IMAP was the syncing back-end. The changes and additions in Mountain Lion are in a consistent vein: making things simpler and more obvious, closer to how things should be rather than simply how they always have been.

This is an awful lot of effort and attention in order to brief what I’m guessing is a list of a dozen or two writers and journalists. It’s Phil Schiller, spending an entire week on the East Coast, repeating this presentation over and over to a series of audiences of one. There was no less effort put into the preparation of this presentation than there would have been if it had been the WWDC keynote address.

Mini-Apple event given for John Gruber:  A preview of OSX Mountain Lion.


From an enterprise development perspective I do wonder if there will ever be any support for an private enterprise iCloud or Notification Center inside the firewall.

via Daring Fireball.

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ThinkGeek :: iCade 8-Bitty – Retro Wireless Game Controller for iPhone/iPad/Android

February 13, 2012 Comments off

ThinkGeek :: iCade 8-Bitty – Retro Wireless Game Controller for iPhone/iPad/Android.

I’m not one for retro but I sure would like a D-Pad controller for the iPad that’s supported by the majority of game app devs.  If this gets popular enough then all the better.

I’ve seen and been tempted by the “large” iCade…

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Dad shoots daughter’s laptop after reading her Facebook rant

February 10, 2012 Comments off

Tommy is a little pissed. Tommy is armed. Laptop is toast. Video on YouTube.

I gotta admit that the tactic of taking away a favorite toy can work.  Unless, of course, they have too many toys.  Which mine do.

Thus far our strategy is the expensive electronic stuff is owned by mom and dad and lent on occasion to our kids.  If they want a iPod Touch or DS or laptop they can go buy one themselves subject to parental approval.

Even then I’m thinking no electronic devices allowed in the bedrooms.

I’m also not looking forward to needing to lock down the internet and computers or playing cat and mouse like Tommy on Social Media sites.

with a father that works in IT that you’d have better sense than doing it again

There’s been quite a few times where my kids are surprised that I know when they are being bad or lying about something.  And I answer that I’m older, sneakier, been there, done all that and do they really think I’m stupid?

So far I’m able to decisively outsmart a seven year old.  I’m hoping that the rope around a baby elephant’s leg trick works on kids…’cause I’m not so sure I can keep that up when they are 14.

via DF


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