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Games with no payout – Robotek HD

October 19, 2011
Robotek HD

Robotek HD

I like strategy games…especially lite strategy games since I have no time for long games anymore.

So I’ve been filling extra moments here and there with a short game of Robotek HD (Android, iOS and WebOS).  A robot “fighting” game using a slot machine mechanism to battle each other with rays, shields, hacks, etc.

It’s a quick game with simple strategy that’s pretty to look at, easy to learn and fun when it’s not hair pullingly frustrating (from bad luck, not bad design).  There’s also a little RPGish backstory with funny commentary about the computer nodes you’re fighting.  When you first fight you get little popups of encouragement.  I recall getting a little popup when I cleared all the Canadian nodes or something.  There are 200 nodes and 30 levels…so it takes a while to play through, which is nice.  Each session is short, which is ideal unless you get caught up in the “just one more game” mode.  Which I did once or twice and is good sign for any game.

Level’s don’t mean much to me anymore as a reward (too many MMORPGs in my past).  Neither do points.  I do like the popup messages with funny commentary.  And when I finish a game I expect…something more than a popup that tells you “‘Grats!…Now here are two infinite nodes to grind against for MORE POINTS!”.

Ah…no.  Now I’m not expecting an epic ending like in Homeworld for this kind of game but a little more would be nice.  Heck, I’d even like all the robots doing the hamster dance which would fit in with the quirky humor.  It’d be funny and be a nice little payout for finishing a game based on slot machine mechanics…

I hate to pick on Robotek given I like the game a lot but I’ve played a few games lately without much payout beyond a “You Win!” popup.  Robotek stands out because it’s based on slot machine mechanics and carefully metered out payout is key to that game.  It’s not that critical a factor but it does show attention to detail and refinement for a game.  Done well it makes the game a lot more memorable.

Despite this small shortfall I’d give the game 4 stars out of 5.  If it had kept the progress popups through the whole game and provided a nice ending I’d probably rank it 5 stars for this genre.  As it is, the last few nodes felt like grinding it out just to see the ending that didn’t exist.

Prompting this post.

Note:  I played the WebOS version and didn’t hit any long stretches where the random number generator favored the computer.  I saw quite a few stretches where it favored me quite a bit then a few games here and there where there was nothing I could do to win.  If the slots favored the computer it wasn’t apparent over 200+ games.  This was probably the #1 complaint on the iTunes reviews.

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