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2010s Smartphone Screens are the New 1950s Tail Fins

October 11, 2011

2010s Smartphone Screens are the New 1950s Tail Fins.

John Kneeland (and Dustin Curtis) makes the point that larger screens are less ergonomic.  Which is true for one handed operation but not “ever-more ridiculous” for all folks.

One aspect important to a largish segment of the iPhone demographic is eyesight over 40.  When I bought my iPhone 4 the retina display was freaking awesome.  The text could be very small and I could still read it!

A year later, not so much.  The text is still ultra crisp when really small…I just can’t read really small anymore unless it’s inches from my nose or in that tiny sliver of real estate in my old man glasses (thankfully progressive without the lines) where the optics aren’t blurring the screen into a mess.

Would a 4.65″ 720 screen really be that helpful?  A bit.  I zoom my iPhone now when I can and I’d take all the size and screen real estate I could get.

The other times I wouldn’t mind a slightly larger screen is for when I’m watching a movie on my iPhone.  Which I do when my kids are monopolizing the iPad when we’re traveling.  Probably 90% of my mobile bandwidth is going to YouTube or Netflix.  It’s also nice for showing a movie or photo of my kids on my iPhone to someone else.

So put me in the camp that would buy a larger 4″+ iPhone.  Especially one that might be 1920×1280…as long as it still fits in a pocket, I’m good and would trade that for improved one handed operation.

via Daring Fireball

Update:  Evidently I’m not the only one that feels this way: Charlie’s Diary – Gadget Patrol: Bigger is Better?

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