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Social Networking and Identity

July 25, 2009

Lawrence Liu has an interesting article (based on an even more interesting blog post by Mike Gotta) about the relationship between enterprise social networking and identity.

Money Quotes:


Today, few enterprise strategists, architects, infrastructure planners, and project teams involved in social networking initiatives are paying enough attention to the long-term implications of identity on those efforts. Conversely, identity management teams are frequently not involved in determining the strategic ramifications of social networking initiatives on their enterprise practices. For instance, how does the organization assure profile attributes within a self-claimed social identity are truthful – what if employees build exaggerated or misleading social identities – what methods does the organization employ to vet social identity claims (assess community equity and determine reputation) – what implications are there when profiles reveal too much personal information (perhaps encouraging bias based on diversity attributes)?


Which is why I’ve been strongly advocating that the only way for Enterprise 2.0 initiatives to be successful is to have sponsorship not only from the CIO (to whom the Identity and Access Management team ultimately reports) but also from the head of HR (who is ultimately responsible for employee profiling and privacy policy).

The full articles are well worth the read if you’re interested in professional social networks.  Especially this scenario from Mike on why it could be important to your career.

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