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Social Networking and Identity

July 25, 2009 Comments off

Lawrence Liu has an interesting article (based on an even more interesting blog post by Mike Gotta) about the relationship between enterprise social networking and identity.

Money Quotes:


Today, few enterprise strategists, architects, infrastructure planners, and project teams involved in social networking initiatives are paying enough attention to the long-term implications of identity on those efforts. Conversely, identity management teams are frequently not involved in determining the strategic ramifications of social networking initiatives on their enterprise practices. For instance, how does the organization assure profile attributes within a self-claimed social identity are truthful – what if employees build exaggerated or misleading social identities – what methods does the organization employ to vet social identity claims (assess community equity and determine reputation) – what implications are there when profiles reveal too much personal information (perhaps encouraging bias based on diversity attributes)?


Which is why I’ve been strongly advocating that the only way for Enterprise 2.0 initiatives to be successful is to have sponsorship not only from the CIO (to whom the Identity and Access Management team ultimately reports) but also from the head of HR (who is ultimately responsible for employee profiling and privacy policy).

The full articles are well worth the read if you’re interested in professional social networks.  Especially this scenario from Mike on why it could be important to your career.

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I have an inside the firewall blog and persona and very little leaks out.  While I have a (mostly ignored) LinkedIn page and Plaxo account I didn’t have an external blog, facebook or twitter presence.  Well, professional presence anyway and to be honest, a fairly minimal personal one as well unless you like looking at my family photos. 

So to rectify that, I’ve brought outside the firewall a few posts from the past year related to Enterprise 2.0 and social media.  These aren’t anything more than first impressions of a few Enterprise 2.0 solutions.  The (slightly) more insightful musings about social software are predominantly links to external posts by folks like Sam Lawrence, Lawrence Liu and others and how it might apply to our specific environment.  Which obviously will stay inside the firewall.

For now, almost all the posts will be about general technology but I will, at some point, start to discuss hopefully more interesting things in the future.  I’ve been told that maintaining an internal and external blog is a real pain in the rear.  So one will likely go away or see long periods of silence.  And then maybe a sudden infusion of posts…

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SocialText First Impressions

July 24, 2009 3 comments

I had a twitter the other day that SocialText has a Micro-Blog (twitter) appliance.  So I went to check it out.  Actually they have a series of appliances including a full Enterprise Social Network appliance.  With a free trial for 50 users.  If you’d like to see what SocialText is like, go to their site, click on Try in the upper right corner.

It’s wiki based so almost everything is a wiki page…which has it’s pluses and minuses.  The plus is that you get wikilinks.  The minus is…well…everythink is a wiki page.  A fancy wiki page with a decent editor but still a wiki page.  For example, all blog posts are wiki pages.  Which is fine except that you don’t get some blog features like trackbacks.

For sharepoint integration they allow you to publish/export your wiki pages to a .doc file on Sharepoint.  There’s also an outlook widget I wasn’t able to test.  These are both useful given the importance of the Microsoft ecosystem within the enterprise.

All in all, I think that ClearSpace provided a nicer out of box environment but SocialText wasn’t bad based on 15 minutes of playing around.  It’s just that it seems that, like NewsGator, they started with a core technology (feed aggregation for NewsGator, and wiki for SocialText) and made the “Enterprise Social Networking” concept work around that core technology rather than the other way around.

Screenshots from their website:

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LinkedIn is working on FaceBook for the Enterprise…

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I saw this article today on social software during lunch on the Fortune site.

The two interesting points:

Intel’s CIO Diane Bryant thinks Facebook for the enterprise is a good idea but that there’s no social media solution for the Enterprise.

LinkedIn’s CEO Reid Hoffman says that they’re building one called Company Groups…and they have a beta.

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