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Jive Clearspace First Impressions

March 13, 2009 Comments off

I did a 10 min tour of Jive Clearspace and my first impression is that the level of integration in Clearspace components is FAR better than in MOSS and the individual components (except perhaps MS Office integration) better from a social business system perspective.

The MySite functionality is better:


Configurability seems better.  Layout, templating and personalization is easier and better looking.

  • New blogs, messages, posts, etc appear in a single list and not different ones.
  • You can see who are the top participants.
  • There is an executive blog posts area.
  • You can follow specific people and see what they are doing.

Employee Information is better:

When you click on an employee the information presented is better, you can follow them and the social network information makes more sense.  You can also “following” them and see how many folks follow them and how many folks they follow.

  • You can see what they typically find important in their commonly used tags.
  • They have a bio section.
  • They have an expertise section.
  • They can be tagged.
  • You can see what groups they belong to.

Group Support is better:

  • Groups get their own forum.
  • There’s a new news section.
  • You can easily create polls, announcements, upload documents and videos, write a blog post, invite folks and even leave the group.
  • Groups can be tagged.
  • You can see their members easily.  You can see if anyone you are following has joined that group recently.  You can see who recently joined.
  • It seems to neatly integrate a community very well.

Blogging appears superior than in MOSS.

  • Trackbacks works.
  • Commenting seems better.
  • Blog editing, tagging and management seem far better.

Try the demo out (bottom of the page on the link below).

A comparison of Sharepoint and Clearspace:

There is also Sharepoint integration.

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